Monday, July 20, 2009

Workboxes Idea List

Here's a brainstorm list of my workbox activities so far.... as I think of more I add to it

*dot to dot
*Bible reading
*memory verse
*poem memorization
*skip counting
*music study
*pattern blocks
*water color
*mad libs (grammar)
*super sentences
*write a letter/make a card
*piano practice
*lacing cards
*alphabetical order
*number order
*math practice
*flash cards
*Rosetta Stone Spanish
*Computer Time
*Scouts (work on badges)
*Turbo Extreme
*Turbo spelling
*game with mom
*math bingo game
*alphabet bingo game
*wipe off boards (presidents, insects, U.S., cursive writing, printing/alphabet, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
*watch one of the educational shows we have DVR-ed

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