Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Teaching Home

Our Teaching Home

The Father has blessed me with many things,
And one of the dearest to me
Is the gift of helping His children
To be all that God wants them to be.

Our family may seem a bit different
When compared to the norms of today,
But in looking at Jesus' example,
I believe that it should be that way.

Our children are really just children,
Not unlike many others you know,
With laughter and tears, good times and bad,
Just living and learning to grow.

Their schoolroom is often our kitchen,
And we don't own a big yellow bus.
There are no goodbyes every morning at eight
For our home brings the teaching to us.

Indeed, our Lord has commanded
That we teach His children His way,
And so we are striving to impress upon them
His statutes and precepts each day.

For I want what they learn to stay with them
Wherever they one day might roam.
That's why, my friend, you will find me
Teaching my children at home.

I have friends who have made other choices
For the very same reasons I've shared.
And the love that they feel for their children
Is truly no less when compared.

For the task of parents is choosing
The way that is best for their own,
And it surely will be our devotion
Shining through when our children are grown.

Lisa Easterling

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