Thursday, July 23, 2009

More workbox goodies

I started organizing the homeschool stuff yesterday and today I have been making a few things for the workboxes.

Haley's Journal Jar.  I printed out journal prompts and she will be able to pick one out and write in her journal. Found this here

I printed out a hundred number chart and laminated it.  They can use it for skip counting or finding even and odd numbers.  They can color in the numbers with a dry erase marker and write the answers on the next page.  On the front I can write it what ever number I want them to skip count by.  I got this idea from here.  It's a lot fancier than mine ;)

I printed out timer cards to go on their folders for when something needs to be timed, obviously lol.  They all have a time for their boxes as well.  These are from

I also printed out these cute little guys to make lacing cards out of them.  I need to get a hole punch first though.  I only have a 3 hole punch and it's just not working that well for these.

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