Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Look Inside the Boxes...

I am not too concerned with filling up all 12 folders/boxes for now. We are going to see how it goes and I'm sure there will be a little adjusting as we go.

We do botany all together and I plan on doing that 3 days a week (right now) and the other 2 days will be journal writing. If they choose to write in their journals everyday that's fine but I won't have it in the boxes as a requirement (at least not yet).

I have an extra folder for each child (it's in the "papers to be checked by mom" holder) so if there is a time when I am working with someone else still they can either move to the next folder in their workboxes or go to the extra folder and get out something to do until I'm done. This was the principals aka dads idea and I like it!

He also came up with an idea for "bad behavior" or just the general "I don't want to do something" attitude (which thankfully doesn't happen all that often ;)) I made red X cards and if you have one on the outside of your workbox when the principal gets home then you have to see him LOL

For the first day of school:
#1- Botany
#2- Piano Practice 30 mins
#3- History with mom
#4- Saxon Math
#5- Growing with Grammar
#6- Wordly Wise
#7- Health Quest
#8- Chores

#1- Botany
#2- History with mom
#3- Piano Practice 30 mins
#4- Saxon Math with mom
#5- U.S. Map puzzle
#6- Growing with Grammar
#7- Wordly Wise
#8- Chores
#9- Computer Time 30mins

#1- Botany
#2- History with mom
#3- Saxon Phonics with mom
#4- Computer Time 30 mins
#5- Saxon Math with mom
#6- addition practice on wipe off mat
#7- Chores
#8- Color

I haven't decided about Bradley yet. I did make him a workbox but he doesn't seem interested in them yet. I think he might when he actually sees the other ones using it. I only have 3 folders for it now. I'll probably fill it with a few fun things incase he does want to participate but I have more of a "wait and see what happens" attitude for his.

So that will be our first day. I'm hoping for very few distractions but that's kinda silly with a 3 year old and almost 1 year old. So I'm just going in it with no expectations! I don't know how long it will take them to finish their boxes but I'm curious to find out. It used to take ALL DAY LONG and still not get finished. Just for all the distractions and waiting to see what's next etc. I'm really thinking/hoping the workboxes will help all that.

Let the countdown begin....


  1. Great excellent way for you to track thier work!!

  2. My 3 year old starts preschool this fall (we don't homeschool) and all he really knows at this point is his alphabet and he'll color. But that's about it for "educational" stuff. He excels at copying his older brothers, especially if they're doing something bad. haha

    Oh, about the alphabet, he sings that song to people when they get hurt or when someone is crying. which is really cute and makes me laugh. The baby will cry and there comes Eli, "abcdefg . . . " lol

  3. Hey will you add the followers box option on your blog so I can sub that way?

    I have the boys ready to go too. I went ahead and set one up for Drake...more for me to do certain things with just him. Gabriel really isn't interested in his but he will be when he sees his older brothers digging through theirs. lol