Monday, July 20, 2009

2009-2010 Curriculum

Our Curriculum:

Haley (age 11 1/2) starting 6th grade
Saxon Math 7/6- we like it- it's working- why mess with a good thing.
Growing With Grammar
Writing Strands
Spectrum Reading workbook
Wordly Wise, for vocabulary- it's our first year with this so we'll see
Bob Jones History gr 6- we just started BJ History this last year and we really like it!
Apologia- starting with Botany- did Astronomy last year- 2 thumbs up for Apologia =]
LifePacs Electives- Health Quest
A Reason for Handwriting/Copy Work
Rosetta Stone Spanish

Tyler (age almost 8) starting 3rd grade
Saxon Math 3
Growing With Grammar
Wordly Wise
Spectrum Reading workbook
Bob Jones History gr 2 - I am doing history with Ty and Ally together so last year they finished grade 1.
Apologia Botany
A Reason for Handwriting/Copy Work
Rosetta Stone Spanish

Allyson (age 6) starting 1st grade and a half LOL
Saxon Math 1
Saxon Phonics 1
Bob Jones History
Apologia Botany
A Reason for handwriting/Copy Work
Rosetta Stone Spanish- we'll see how it goes

I feel like I'm forgetting something....

Oh Haley and Tyler also take piano lessons. Allyson will start when she's 7.

I'll have various other resources/workbooks for each of them with spelling, vocabulary, writing, reading, map skills, and health etc.

That's the plan for now. I'm always on the look out for new/different/better stuff.

In the past we've tried Alpha Omega Lifepacs which I really liked BUT if you don't have a child that likes to do workbooks all day then it's probably not going to work. Haley liked them for a while but got bored with them.

I may decide to try some of their electives in the future, specifically the Health as I have yet to find anything good for Health. Suggestions anyone? *edited- I did buy the Health Quest LifePacs, I just forgot lol

I hear lots of moms say they like to plan their own things and for me personally I like the curriculum that has most of it laid out for me. I tried making my own things for Haley when we first started and it was short of a disaster. I think that's why I like Bob Jones the way I do...if I could afford it or maybe if I only had one kid...I would buy the whole grade kit. Hmmm on second thought maybe I wouldn't because I'd still want Saxon Math and Apologia Science haha =]

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