Monday, March 14, 2011

Why RC for us?

I just sent a message to my sister in law about how we came to the decision to start using the Robinson Curriculum and to save myself time I am just going to copy that here now.

"Well I was researching SOS and Monarch- because SOS isn't compatible with MAC. SOS would have been much cheaper in the long run and had the possibility to use with more than 1 child, Monarch would have been a lot more total over the years and can't reuse it- it's all online. I had pretty much decided I'd go with SOS and just buy a laptop PC for "school only" and then continue doing school the same way with the other kids until they all hit 8th grade too then switch them to SOS. It is getting increasingly harder to help each child as much as was needed and its only going to get worse lol....that's why we thought maybe the high school years (starting with 8th to give them a year to adjust before the harder years) might be easier on mom and kid to just go the computer-based route.

Anyway Doug was searching around the one night and came across a ton of other online websites, none felt right and you had to answer to a teacher etc, but he also found Robinson. He said you need to look at this. Well in my head I already decided on SOS so I didn't really want to hear/see it but I looked. I listened to the video, read through the website and as I was reading I kept feeling a pulling inside me (really can't explain it). Then we went to bed and I kept thinking about it and was praying about what we should do. The whole next day I did more research, read reviews, joined yahoo groups, read and reread the website, anything you can think of I did. I also still reviewed the SOS. Something kept pulling me to RC. Doug was all for it from the beginning. We have always used Saxon Math anyway, and Big Sis and Bubby have pretty much always self-taught themselves that from math 54 we are already familiar with that part :) although I would help them, since reading about this now I have stopped helping them and guess what? they actually always figure it out themselves :) We both agree with the philosophy of it and have always felt sometimes less is more and you need to let children learn how to learn and love learning not just memorizing stuff that they are going to forget after the test anyway. I had never heard of RC before Doug found it. We feel like God led him to find it and then to work on me to want to use it lol :) We sat down yesterday and had a loooooooonnnnnnnngggggg family meeting about it and it all feels right. I have read a lot about it and it seems every family is different and uses it the way that "works" for their family. We are going to make a few tweaks along the way and probably more than one as we go along according to our needs as a family and each individual child. Like I said, until I read the course of study I haven't totally made up my mind about some things but we have discussed the sugar and TV and hours and days of school and Doug and I and the kids are all in agreement so far. And you know what? I have the added sense of security knowing that (just like before with any other curriculum choice we've made) if it's not working then we change it. Best part is I'd only be out $195 and really for what it is it would make great a resource to have anyway :) I already have the saxon books and only need to buy the subsequent workbooks for each child and BigSis's new books. (my yearly curriculum/supplies list/bill will be almost nonexistent from here on out except paper/pencils and other supplies!) We are all very excited to get started and not to mention it is going to save me a TON of money compared to what I usually spend on books! I'm not saying it will work for everyone but we feel it's what we are meant to do- or at least give a fair shot :) It's going to take some adjustment period and that may be a year but in the end I feel it will be worth it. It will give the kids confidence and I think there will be no stopping them :)

The other day I took a little video of what was going on during school- it was a particular crazy moment- where Big Sis had to hold baby girl (she wasn't happy without her), Monkey Man had just threw a cup and spilled water everywhere so Pickle was cleaning it up- even though we were in the middle of her english test, Bubby was helping out with Monkey Man and Boogs had been bugging to do whatever at the moment. I was going to show it to Doug to see what he suggested (as principal/supporter) we could do to make days more productive and easier. I forgot to show him. I finally remembered yesterday and I asked him "What would you have suggested?" and he said "I don't really know, but isn't it funny that you forgot to show me and that's the night I found RC?"

Right now we have a lot to "get done" each day and we struggle every day to get it done. I think with RC we will have less to "get done" and we'll actually accomplish more and be more productive :)))))"


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